Top Muscle Cars 100 and Hot Rods

Top Muscle Cars 100 and Hot Rods

This is our 100th post!

Though an early milestone, it is one worth celebrating. We started this blog as a way to geek out about muscle car and hot rod restoration projects. We wanted a place to connect with fellow enthusiasts and to brag about which models and motors cranked out the highest bhp during our chassis dyno testing. You read. You commented. And we ended up with a great network of grease-monkeys extending way beyond our home base in Southern California.

In honor of the Big 100…

This video from Gasolene TV starts a bit slow, but skip to the mid-way point and you’ll see why we chose it; a garage filled with 100 plus top muscle cars, several of which the host takes a closer look at:

Hot Rod Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Hot Rods:

The article uses a very wide definition of ‘hot rod.’ They’ve got the original Shelby Cobra on here–arguably a hot rod. They’ve got a ’67 Camaro and a ’73 Mustang on here–unarguably muscle cars. They’ve got the Batmobile on here–defies classification, it’s the freakin Batmobile.

We love the car chosen as #1. We just don’t think it should have been numero, not on a hot rod list anyway. What would your Top 5 be? Let us know in the comments!

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