Winfield Carburetors for Sale in SoCal

Besides being a classic hot rod restoration shop, Braun’s Automotive offers up priceless auto parts that are very hard to find. Both downdraft and sidedraft carburetors are available to hot rod enthusiasts. Instead of trying to piece together your classic Winfield carburetor, head over to Lomita, CA for a fully-built assembly, or to find that singular missing piece. More info on their site!

’88 Supercharged Chevrolet Pickup Dyno Run

’88 supercharged Chevrolet pickup dyno run

Most cars lovers would love to restore their vehicles the most economic way possible. That sounds reasonable. To get that done, you’ll need to have a car that’s solid to start with. A complete basket case car should only be restored if it has some sort of sentimental value that far surpasses its final value. This may seem like common sense, but many first-timers ended up spending more than expected while others abandoned their auto rebuild project because they couldn’t afford it. It is always important to plan ahead and know all the details before diving head first into a project like this. For the best advice and evaluation come to the best auto restoration shops in Southern California. We provide complete auto restoration services including chassis dyno testing!

’33 Ford Roadster Modifications

’33 Ford Roadster 385 Fastburn
Take a tour through this expert auto restoration project and see first hand the progress of custom modifications and upgrades. Complete services for a flawless finish on this 1933 Ford Roadster. Leaving it in priceless and enviable condition, ready for an auto show or just for an ‘all eyes on me’ effect when cruising around town. A job well done by the auto restoration service specialists at the number one auto restoration shop in LA.