For the Bat-Faithful: Ben Affleck’s New Batmobile

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck is arguably the most ridiculed choice for a role in a batman film since Heath Ledger’s Joker.  In spite of this, Affleck remains the new Batman and we expect there will be many changes to come. Including his new mobile machine of escape and destruction.

In the latest film, The Dark Knight Rises, we saw not the Batmobile, per se, but the Tumbler — Batman’s 6 wheeled monster truck/car/tank combination of military prowess. A 2.5 ton beast of auto engineering. For scale, each of the four rear wheels is about 200 lbs. If you’re not familiar with the names Chris Corbould and Andy Smith, car fans, you should Google their work.

Auto Restoration Bat-mobile from the new batman movie

Packed with a 5.7 litre Chevy V8 engine, this thing hauls. Not to mention it’s jumping ability. The Tumbler is reported as able to jump about 60 to 70 feet (hence the rooftop escape scene).

So that’s the old news. With such an amazing work of art and auto restoration, it seems difficult to imagine anything that could be more bad ass and bat-worthy. Well, this is the difficult task that has been set for the General Motors Advanced Design Studio, in North Hollywood, CA. Yes, it seems engineering for the next movie has been ramped up to the level of truly professional engineering. These are the same guys who worked with Michael Bay on Transformers 4 — creating the new Bumblebee Camaro.

Sparse rumors suggest that the new Batmobile will be using an “old Cadillac” as reference for the body type. This makes our inner muscle car restoration professional as giddy as a child of ’96 receiving a Nintendo 64 for Christmas — yes, we were very excited. An insider source known as ‘Dr. Detroit’ claims the rig will “Definitely not have a military look like the Tumbler from [Chris] Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy.’

Although the Tumbler was badass and incredibly fun to watch, this is great news for us gearheads with an appreciation for classic hot rods. The return to the classic Batmobile is overdue, in our opinion.

For the comic book aficionados, this website chronicles the history of the Batmobile as depicted by the comics. One of these may resemble what we’re looking forward to in the new movie…now quickly, figure out which ones are most reminiscent of an old model Cadillac.

Auto Restoration Old Ben Affleck's New Batmobile