Classic Car of the Week: 1963 Ford Galaxie!

This week we’re taking a a look at a car that’s not necessarily considered a muscle car refurbishment project, but is instead referred to by some as a ‘classic restoration’; the 1963 Ford Galaxie!

We have some first had experience with this model. We did an auto restoration on one not too long ago, in fact. While we were working on it, we were impressed with not only the appearance of the finished product but also the performance we were able to get out of the engine.

The entire Galaxie line is beautiful, particularly the 1963 version. There were a few different models available including a two door hardtop, a four door hard top, and a convertible that featured a sleeker and sportier roof line than in previous years.

Under the hood, almost every engine option that Ford offered was available. The most powerful choice being the 427 ‘high performance’ dual four-barrel that delivered a whopping 425 horse power on the chassis dyno tuner!

The original asking price for the ’63 Galaxie was

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