Ever Heard of the Glass Slipper Classic Hot Rods?

Ever Heard of the Glass Slipper Classic Hot Rods? | Auto Restoration
Photo Credit: hotrod.com

Since those early desert runs under the hot California sun millions of hot rods have come and gone. Models you would expect and models you wouldn’t have gone through the magic of hot rod restoration and come out fire breathing, rubber burning beasts. Over the years a select group of hot rods have been elevated to “all-timer” status. The Cortopassi brothers Glass Slipper is an all-timer.

If you ask us it looks more this classic hot rods looks like a ski boot, but ‘The Glass Ski Boot’ doesn’t have quite the same ring. We will spare you the cheesy Cinderella word play and skip straight to the facts.

The Glass Slipper introduced a lot of firsts. It was champion for speed and a champion for beauty. It was the first hot rod with an aluminum frame and an enclosed cockpit. After a few design upgrades it was named Most Beautiful Competition Car at the Grand National Roadster Show in 1957. It ran 181 at Bonneville. It got even faster when it was fitted with a nitrous powered unblown 302 sbc. Legend.

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