Mustang: Which Generation is your Favorite?

Mustang has been at the heart of American muscle since the mid-sixties. Parts are plentiful, and with the exception of specialized Shelby projects production numbers were high enough that finding a restoration project should be easy no matter which era you prefer.

Ford Mustang Generation

So which era do you prefer?

We’ve lined-up one car per decade. Tell us when you think ‘Stang was in its prime.

1968 – 335 bhp
Which Ford Mustang Generation is your Favorite? | Brauns

                                                  1973 – 375 bph


1984 – 175 bhp 
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1997 – 215 bhp
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2008 – 300 bhp
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2013 – 662 bhp (Shelby GT 500 model)
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