Muscle Car of the Week: 1967 Firebird!

The iconic Firebird is one of the most popular and sought after muscle cars for restoration. We see both the hard top and convertible versions all the time in our shop here in Los Angeles, and take our word for it, either one is fun to work on!

Originally built based on specs from the Banshee concept car, and drawing inspiration from other pony cars like the Camaro and GTO, the first generation Firebird from 1967 definitely came into its own in a big way.

A big standout was the ‘coke bottle’ body shape. Like the Chevy’s Camaro, that was also famous for this design, the Firebird was sleek and sporty. However, a split front grille and slit taillights distinguished it from its competitors and created a unique look that consumers loved. Evidence of this lies in the fact that Pontiac pushed out over 80,000 units in under 6 months!

Additionally, Pontiac offered five different engine sizes that varied in power when put on the chassis dyno tester. The best performer of these was the Firebird 400, a 400 cubic inch V8 that pumped out 350 horsepower. This may not seem so great by today’s standards, but in ’67 it was top of the line.

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