Muscle Car of the Week: 1967 Mercury Cougar!

This week we’re gonna take a look at a car we see a lot in our auto restoration shop, the 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Based on the ford Mustang, the Cougar was very popular when it debuted, selling over 150,000 in its flagship year. In fact, Motor Trend Magazine named it the Car of the Year for ’67.

Aesthetically, the Cougar looked a lot like the Mustang. There were a few major differences though. For one thing the wheel base was a good 3 inches longer which added some stability on the road. In addition, it also featured a brand new front grill with a vertical chrome pattern that some enthusiasts dubbed “the electric shaver grill”. The hideaway headlamps were set back into the grill giving it a very distinctive look. If style is a major factor in your auto restoration decision then you may definitely want to opt for the Cougar.

Where the Mustang was available in two and four door options, the Cougar came in only the coupe model. There wasn’t even a convertible upgrade optional. There were, however, three engine sizes to pick from. The biggest of these was the 390 CID Maruader GT engine which delivered 320 horsepower. These numbers hold up today under modern chassis dyno tuning standards as well.

In 1967, you could get a brand new Mercury Cougar for just under $3000. A quick search of the internet auction sites says you can find them fully restored for any where from $10,000 to $27,000.

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