Muscle Car of the Week: 1968 Ford Fairlane!

If your looking for a late 60’s Ford for your next auto restoration project, you should definitely consider the ’68 Farilane. With its’ ‘fastback’ style roof line and powerful engine options, the finished product will definitely be something you can drive around town and be proud of.

In 1968 Ford changed a bunch of the Fairlane’s features. This being the sixth generation of the model, they almost wanted to reinvent the brand. For starters, they made it a ‘full sized’ sports car by bulking up the exterior. Additionally, they added the now famous ‘fastback’ roof line, a favorite among auto restoration service mechanics and car aficionados alike.

Under the hood came even more change. The base engine model offered was bumped up to a 302 cubic inch diameter V8. Additional upgrades were available to a 390 four-barrel and even a 428 cubic inch ‘Super Cobra Jet’ that got 335 horse power during chassis dyno tuning and testing!

At the time of writing this article, fully restored 1968 Ford Fairlanes are fetching up to $25K on internet auction.

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