Muscle Car of the Week: 1970 Barracuda!

This week’s suggestion for your next auto restoration is the 1970 Barracuda.

When it hit the streets, the Barracuda was a HUGE success, even sparking an number of songs about it. Although it kept the sleek lines and smooth contours that gave it it’s original character, the 1970 version’s frame was a good deal larger than in previous models and much wider between the fenders. This allowed it to come equipped with the whopping 440 cubic inch Hemi-big block that Plymouth was famous for if people opted for the performance model, ‘Cuda.

This engine certainly didn’t disappoint people looking for power in 1970 and still doesn’t today! We had a customer come in with one not to long ago and after a chassis dynamometer adjustment it pumped out almost 500 horse power! Pretty ballsy even by today’s standards…

If money isn’t a huge issue when you’re planning for your muscle car restoration, we suggest you try to find the AAR ‘Cuda model. Designed for the Trans-Am circuit, the retail versions came standard with a 320 cubic inch-small block that helped it handle much better around curves than it’s heavier big block counter part. Even with its smaller size, the small block still delivered over 200 horse poewr.

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