Muscle Car of the Week: 1970 Monte Carlo

Black 1970 Monte Carlo

This week we’re taking a look at the flagship year for one of the most recognizable cars ever built- the Chevrolet Monte Carlo!  Originally modeled after the Cadillac Eldorado, the Monte Carlo has everything that most people look for in a muscle car restoration: power, superior handling, and aesthetic beauty.

In addition to the Eldorado, the Monte Carlo borrows many of it’s features from it’s sister car, the Chevelle. Among these are the windshield, the deck lid, and the rear windows. There were however some notable upgrades that Chevy included. Such as the hidden windshield wipers and a light monitoring system that relayed information about the status of your running lights.

Under the Hood

Power was a big selling point for the Monte Carlo as well. The standard engine option was the “Tube Fire” small block V8.  This 350 cubic inch motor will get you over 250 horse power after some modern dyno tuning. Other options were available under the hood as well, but the best performing of these was the massive Turbo-Jet 400, a 402 cubic inch, 6 liter, four-barrel that brought with it an impressive 330 horsepower and 410 lbs of torque.

In 1970, a fully equipped Monte Carlo got around $5,000- which was fairly expensive for the times!  Today though, a completely restored one in mint condition will fetch at least six times that much.  Not a bad investment, huh?

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