Muscle Car of the Week: ’67 Chevy Camaro!

If you’re thinking about starting a muscle car restoration, you can do no wrong by opting for the ’67 Camaro. This baby is pure power, delivering a choice between two six cylinder engines or a 327 cubic inch V8 standard. The six banger was 230 cubic inches and pumped out 140 horse power. The V8 was no slouch either, cranking out 210 horse power. Nice, right?

When it was released in ’67, the Camaro was hugely popular. In fact, between all three available models, it’s sales accounted for almost 3% of all cars sold in the US. The effect still lingers today, as well. It’s one of the top picks among car enthusiasts around the world for their auto restoration projects.

If you want the most bang for your buck, and don’t mind doing a little searching, we suggest choosing the Z28 model for your auto restoration. These guys came with a 302 cubic inch, small block V8 that produced 290 horse power! It was designed to race in the Trans-Am racing series so it included high performance tires, quick ratio steering and power front brakes. The only transmission option was a four-speed, manual shifter.

As a side note, the ’67 Z28 only cost about $3000 during the year of it’s release, while today, a fully restored one will bring get anywhere from $25-$65K!!

It just doesn’t get any better than that…

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