Muscle Car of the Week: ’67 Plymouth GTX

Today we’re featuring the 1967 Plymouth GTX! We have some first hand experience with this car because one of the mechanics at our auto restoration shop here in Los Angeles actually restored one for himself in 2009!

Known as the ‘Belvedere’ in most hot rod restoration circles, because of it was considered the ‘gentleman’s muscle car’, it was officially titled the GTX by Plymouth in ’67 because of some big time changes. One of these changes was a complete cosmetic makeover. They added hood scoops, special grill, new ‘Red Streak’ tires, and even racing stripes.

There were two engine options available. The first was a 440 cubic inch V8 Super Commando that boasted quarter mile speeds in the 14 second range. That one delivered 375 horsepower. The second one was the Plymouth’s classic 426 cubic inch Hemi- often called the ‘elephant’ by car enthusiasts of the day. This thing made the GTX go from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 13. We had one our mechanic’s in for a chassis dyno tuning not too long ago and found out that it kicked out almost 440 horsepower and 473 lbs-ft of torque!

Our guy bought his on an internet auction for $1500 and had it appraised after restoration for $18K!

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