Muscle Car of the Week: ’68 AMC Javelin!

The 1968 Javelin, our auto restoration choice of the week this time around, is perhaps somewhat lesser known than some of our previous choices; but take our word for it, it’s no less ballsy!

It came standard with a 290 cubic inch engine that pumped out 200 horsepower and and 285 pounds per foot of torque! Two other V8 engine options were available as well; a 341ci and a massive 390ci beast.

Price-wise, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap muscle car restoration project, you can’t beat the Javelin. We’ve seen them in decent shape go for as little as $5000 in some auctions, and after you fix it up you can probably get as much as $35000 for it!

But why would you want to sell it? With its short wheel base, power front disc brakes, dual exhaust, wide tires, comfortable interior and ample luggage space it’s a more than just a collectors item. You could probably make it your primary ride.

In ’68, the Javelin actually led the pony car pack in performance, according to Car and Driver, in every category except the quarter mile. With all of it’s horsepower, it was still only able to make it in 15.2 seconds.

A word of caution though, before you purchase any classic car for restoration, it’s a good idea to bring it into your local auto restoration shop to get it check out.

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