Muscle Car of the Week: ’68 Plymouth GTX!

If your looking to do a muscle car restoration on a ride with some serious balls, then you came to the right place. Look no further than the 1968 Plymouth GTX!

In ’68, just one year after the GTX’s flagship release, Plymouth shocked everyone and completely revamped the entire body design. A new, sleeker ‘hourglass’ shape replaced the boxier B-class design from ’67, resulting in a more luxurious looking auto that lived up to it’s nickname, ‘the gentleman’s sports car’. Indeed, these are great looking rides. The ones we’ve seen have been the pride of their auto restoration shops and we can’t blame them!

Another great change for the GTX in ’68 occured under the hood. Plymouth now offered a 440 cubic inch Super Commando V8 that delivered 375 horsepower as the standard engine option for both the hardtop and convertible models. Additionally, for a little over $500 customers could upgrade to a 426 Hemi that kicked out an impressive 425 horsepower on the chassis dyno tester! Nowadays, these are rare finds in junk yards across Los Angeles county, and the rest of California for that matter, though. This is because only 450 total GTX’s left the factory with these engines installed. If you find one, you should definitely hop on it! (or tell us about it)

The base price of the 1968 was $3,300. Today, we’ve seen fully restored ones get up to $40,000 at auction!

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