Muscle Car of the Week: ’69 Ford Mustang

We’re starting a new feature here at Hot Rod Restoration- Muscle car of the week! We’ll take an in-depth look each installment at a different muscle car that you should consider for your next auto restoration project.

1969 was a landmark year for the Mustang. Ford’s sales were decling in the two previous years so the makers decided to take a long hard look at what they could do to turn it around. They decieded to increase the length of the Mustang by four inches and beef up the model’s look. Also they switched up the look of the headlights, opting for a four light design. Two inside the grill and two outside. It gave the front end a wider look and really ‘beefed’ the car up. This means you earn instant street credit if you restore one of these babies… they just look TOUGH.

If power is a major factor you’re considering in your search for a muscle car rebuild project then look no further. Ford labled the ’69 Ford Mustang “the most powerful Mustang ever”, and it was right on. They came with a V-8 that produced a whopping 360 horsepower. Pretty ballsy even by today’s standards!

The best part about getting one of these bad boys is that they’re easy to work on. Parts are readily accessible and every auto restoration shop in the country will have a mechanic that has done work on a mustang.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s feature. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below if you have something to add.

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