Muscle Car of the Week: ’70 Coronet Super Bee!

Highly sought after in the auto restoration community among eccentric collectors, the 1970 Super Bee is a real prize if you can find one these days. This is especially true if you can find it in the series premiere color, Panther Pink! They only had 39 orders that went out in this shade so you can see why it’s so rare.

One feature that made the Coronet stand our from the pony car pack of the early 70’s was it’s radical new front end design that consisted of a twin-looped front bumper that Dodge Public Relations referred to as “bumble bee wings”. The face lift Dodge put on the Coronet that year is a testament that new and different don’t always correspond to more sales in the auto industry, though. From 1969-1970, sales plummeted from around 15,000 units to just about 5,000, leading to the end of it’s production a year later. The good news is that these low sales numbers are exactly what makes the Super Bee such a gem for enthusiasts of classic car restoration in Los Angeles and throughout California- and the rest of the States for that matter!

Enough about history though, we know you come to a muscle car restoration blog mainly to hear about the STATS, right? The Super Bee came with three different engine options, the ballsiest of which being the 426 Hemi that pumped out around 425 horsepower.

The original cost of the ’70 Coronet Super Bee was just over $3,000. Today, the fully restored ones we’ve seen at auction all go for around the $25,000 price tag.

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