Muscle Car Of The Week: ’87 Grand National!

Today we’re gonna focus on the 1987 Buick Grand National GNX. With a revolutionary fuel injected V-6, the GNX delivered 276 horsepower and an impressive 360 lbs-ft of torque! With that kind of power, why WOULDN’T you want to make this your next auto restoration project?

With a mid 13 second quarter mile, the GNX was considered the fastest production car in the world when it was released, and it dominated drag strips across the US. Because of all the torque available, Buick was actually forced to install a special “ladder bar” to the rear axle to increase traction. This made the whole back end raise up a few inches right before the car accelerated! Incidentally, this is a factor that you might want to consider before you choose a GNX as your next muscle car restoration; the ladder bar was not very widely manufactured by Buick so it might be difficult to find a replacement for it. You may even have to get one custom fabricated.

That said, though, one of the main reasons why this is a great auto restoration choice is the way the Grand National looks. It came in one color option: BLACK. In fact, the only chrome on the entire ride was found on the wheels! In addition, it’s sharp-edged body will really stand out from today’s modern cars that focus mainly on sleek, aerodynamic, curves. There won’t be many autos on the road that will have the look, or balls, of the GNX. Car and Driver Magazine may have said it best in 1987: “Lord Vader, your car is ready”!

As far as price goes, you can pick up a decent GNX for only a few thousand, and we’ve seen them fully restored go for as high as $35K!

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