The Popularity Of Hot Rod Restoration

Hot rod restoration can be a favorite past-time or a rewarding career choice. Often, highly-skilled groups of specialists gather to rebuild vintage cars. The members of teams have areas of specialty, such as upholstery, windows, engines, body work and painting.

In the late 1930s, the first roadsters were converted for racing. The modifications streamlined the cars for speed. Initially, racers competed in Los Angeles, California’s dry lake beds. The sport’s popularity continued to expand after World War II. Many of the soldiers returned home with technical skills they could use to repair, modify and rebuild cars. They generally chose to work on models of vintage Fords, such as Model A, Model B and Model T.

Often, the conversions that were made included the removal of the windshields, bumpers, convertible tops, fenders and hoods. Also, the engines were replaced by more powerful models. Wheels were upgraded to provide more traction and easier handling.

Roadster popularity continued to grow in the years following World War II. The federal government provided support for the past-time by opening sites across the country. It provided civilian access to abandoned military air-fields, where drag racing tracks were set-up. Some were four-lanes wide and one-mile long. These provided ideal venues for exhibitions, collaborations and competitions.

The roadster community is divided into two sub-sections, the hot rodders and the street rodders. Members of the former are distinguished by their use of original equipment. They harvest parts from junk yards or purchase new old stock equipment designed to conform with original specifications. The vehicles are usually from the 1940s through the 1960s. The street rodders build their racers with new parts.

The current culture of roadsters expands to many places around the globe, including Australia, the United Kingdom, United States and Sweden. For the past 80 years, hot rod restoration has been a very active component of popular culture.

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