Thorium: The Fuel that Aims to Serve You a Lifetime Without Refueling

Hot Rod Restoration Cadillac car Thorium: The Fuel that Aims to Serve
It’s a romantic thought really — a car that’d be by your side forever.
A car for which MPG might stand for Miles per Gram. A car with a Thorium engine. The coolest part is that recent science suggests this wondrous technology is very real and scientists have already begun working on making it a mass produced reality. Of course, at Braun’s, we’re interested mainly due to the implications a technology like this has on future muscle car and hot rod restoration.
Laser Power Systems (LPS), based in Connecticut, USA, is working on a clean method of automotive propulsion with the naturally occurring element Thorium as the fuel source. Thorium, named after Thor, the Norse God of thunder, is one of the most dense elements known to man. Due to its high density, it is capable of producing massive amounts of heat. LPS has been experimenting with traces of Thorium, using it to create a laser that heats water, creating steam that powers a mini turbine.
Just one gram of the substance produces more energy than 7,396 gallons of gasoline — and 8 grams is enough to drive for a full century. Two of the world’s leading renewable energy experts Nobel Physicist Carlo Rubbia and United Nations Chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, herald Thorium as the safest and most efficient source of energy that has been discovered thus far.
The idea of using a Thorium engine is not novel, it has been studied as a potential fuel for years and in 2008, Loren Kulesus designed the Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept car pictured above. LPS is now developing the technology so it can be mass produced.
The current model of a Thorium engine is only 500lbs, making it very plausible for use in the current build of a car. You’re probably wondering by now if this engine could possibly be installed into a classic hot rod so you could apply these benefits to your favorite car. Well, we don’t know about that yet but we here at Braun’s will definitely be keeping tabs on this technology as it progresses.
As we pointed out in our article about autonomous driving, the not-so-distant future holds major changes for the way we view auto restoration. As we attempt to stay ahead of the curve, you can count on Braun’s Automotive to be prepared for the paradigm shift!
For what it’s worth, it seems Hollywood has the correct formula. Thor + Cars = Winning

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